Private label services

Sierra’s Private label Services

With a private label product manufactured, packaged, and fulfilled by Sierra, you can instantly compete with the top brands in quality and beat the competition on price. When you take advantage of Sierra’s private labeling services, your company will have the opportunity to create new income streams and generate increased revenue, while enhancing your market position, competitive edge, and profitability.


As the contracting (consumer-facing) company, you control all aspects of the finished product, including:

  • The formulation
  • The quantity
  • The packaging perimeters
  • Label design
  • When and where the product is shipped

For many of Sierra’s private label customers, the primary advantage is the opportunity to bring a distinct, competitive product to market at cost savings.

BEnefits of private labeling


Expanding your product line to include private label products increases your brand’s footprint and reputation in the marketplace. Not only do you have trusted, proprietary products, you can also private label associated or complementary products, accessories, and tools, projecting more expertise to your customer base.


Manufacturing private label products often cost less than reselling another established brand. This means you can compete, head-to-head, with other suppliers and make more for each unit sold, even when your prices are lower than the competition.


If you can’t match or beat the quality of your competition’s product, you lose business. And, if you don’t have the equipment or materials necessary to manufacture a comparable product, private labeling can help. Our professional scientists working in our on-site labs can develop a product that matches or exceeds your competition, giving you a competitive advantage.


Your business may thrive on customer service, but what if you could combine that service with a private label product? Now, your customers are directly associating your brand with the production of an effective, high-quality product.

Frequently asked questions:

Is my capacity adequate to meet my needs?

Many brands choose private labeling because they have reached capacity in their own manufacturing capabilities, but they still want to bring new, competitive products to market. If your production process is held up by limited research, development, or logistical capacity, consider private labeling services through Sierra.

Do I have the equipment necessary to manufacture a more competitive product?

Some companies know they need to expand or improve their product lines, but they lack the equipment to manufacture additional or better products, and they do not have the resources necessary to acquire the necessary specialized equipment. We have the equipment and the expertise to meet these needs and help you reach your goals.

Do I want to invest in the necessary equipment at this time?

Many companies could invest in the equipment, but the expected return isn’t worth that initial investment, especially in the short term. Sometimes, new products take time to get traction in the marketplace. If you want to bring those new products to market without the initial outlay for all that specialized equipment, private labeling could be your best option.

Do you want to save money on ingredients you don’t normally buy?

When considering manufacturing and marketing a new product, companies must determine if the expense of buying raw materials they normally would not buy, specifically for that product, is worth the expense.

When you contract with Sierra for Private Labeling, you can be certain the products will be designed, manufactured, and packaged to precise and exacting standards. And, once your label is on that package, your brand will become synonymous with the high-quality product inside.

Will Sierra sell our private label products?

No. Any private label products are manufactured and/or packaged specifically for our contracting companies.

Is Private Labeling Legal?

Yes. For decades now, private labeling has been a legal and lucrative commercial practice.

What are my private label options?

Sierra and our partner company, SureCrete, offer a wide range of liquid and powder private label product solutions. For specifics on packaging, size, batch, and other details, contact our Private Label / Toll Blending department.

Do I need to already have my own product formula to private label?

No. Because Sierra and SureCrete are proven manufacturers with our own on-site chemists and state-of-the-art laboratories, we can manufacture a product based on your specifications, or we can develop a product that meets your individual goals.

What happens once my product is labeled?

We can ship the product to your facility, or we can manage the storage and fulfillment services for you as well. Sierra and our affiliated power brands can store your product, and ship it to your customers from one of our convenient regional fulfillment facilities, saving you money and getting your product to market faster.