OEM Coating services

Sierra’s OEM Coatings Service

Your signature color is a vital trademark and a valuable aspect of your brand. Here at Sierra, we understand how impactful color can be as a brand identifier. Color elicits powerful emotional responses, and a true proprietary color connects your brand with consumers on an emotional level.

As a trusted original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Sierra develops proprietary paint colors and specialty coatings for some of the biggest brands in retail, heavy equipment, and many other industries. If you need a durable, innovative specialty coatings solution that’s an exact match for your signature brand, Sierra has you covered.

With original equipment manufacturing (OEM) from Sierra, you get any color and finish you need for virtually any surface you want to be covered.

Frequently asked questions:

Is OEM with Sierra Right for Me?

When considering OEM services through Sierra, there are a few logistical questions you should consider.

Is my equipment adequate to meet my needs?

Many brands choose Sierra for original equipment manufacturing because we have all the specialized equipment, technical know-how, and state-of-the-art facilities necessary to manufacture signature paints and performance coatings with accuracy and consistent, superior quality.

Will contracting with Sierra for OEM save me money?

In many cases, because we already have the expertise, equipment, and raw materials necessary to manufacture precision liquid and powder products and ship them quickly and efficiently, it is more cost-effective for a company to contract Sierra to manufacture their signature paints and custom coatings.

Will Sierra’s OEM products meet my exact specifications?

Manufacturing precision, high-performance paints and other specialty coatings is what we do, and you can trust Sierra to get the job done right, every time. No matter what surface you need to cover — aluminum, steel, foam, wood, composite, glass, or concrete — OEM coatings from Sierra are always rigorously precise and exceptionally durable.

Can you manufacturer a paint or coating to my exact specifications?

With your proprietary formulation or signature color specs, we can recreate an exact match that customers will instantly recognize. We are confident of this because of our top-of-the-line color-imaging equipment can exactly calibrate your paint to the precise color, consistency, sheen, and performance expectations.

How will my product and/or proprietary formula be protected?

Each private label, OEM, or toll blending job is governed by a specific contract agreement, including a strict NDA and confidentiality agreement.

How do Sierra’s OEM products compare to the competition?

Sierra manufactures OEM products for some of the biggest international brands in retail, heavy equipment, and many other industries. Our specialty paints and high-performance coatings continue to stand the test of time in some of the harshest conditions.

Can I tweak an existing product to make it better?

Our on-site research and development scientists are working, every day, to make products that work better, apply easily, meet regulatory requirements, and exceed industry performance standards. We will make your signature paint colors or other proprietary coatings the best they can be.

What if I need something truly unique?

Thanks to our decades of experience, deep well of resources, and industry-leading expertise, our paint and performance coating product possibilities and application solutions are practically limitless.