We are uniquely positioned to provide world-class products and service to our customers.

We are a mid-sized company with the technical capabilities of the largest in our industry.  This allows us to deliver cutting-edge technology with detailed and personal service.

With over 40 years of business working with all types of coatings, we have some of the most experienced chemists and technicians in the industry.

Manufactured in the Midwest, Sierra's coatings are distributed throughout the nation and shipped world-wide.

Sierra Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction through innovation, quality and service.

You can tell much about a business by the customers who have chosen to work with it.  The companies and manufacturers we supply to have chosen Sierra Corporation because we meet their strict requirements, unique needs and unflinching commitment to quality.

Our customer-driven policy means that we strive to do more than just produce custom coatings - we aspire to improve our customers' products by incorporating innovation and creative thinking into every order.

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